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A Great Mark for Online Viewers

Recently a short documentary film made over the life of UAE’s Capital Abu Dhabi attracted more than three hundred thousand hits although being produced at the minimal budget. The film was created by Beno Saradzic by the name of Abu Dhabi 2011. This film was created assembling twenty one thousand individual pictures of city using [...]

A Place to Die For Women Who Love Shoes: Jimmy Choo

I don’t think even any one of us around wouldn’t know and heard of the name of this great brand; “Jimmy Choo”. When it comes to the greatest range of shoes suitable for every kind of occasion and event or for daily use the one name that comes into one’s mind is Jimmy Choo. Jimmy [...]


Summers have started and vacations are just right here and every other family living in Abu Dhabi is now planning to take off to different destinations to make it a really wonderful time. Today we advise you here to plan a visit to Sri Lanka to their coastal city Hikkaduwa. Traditionally associated with the cultivation [...]

The Horse and Jockey Pub

The only pub in the town is the Horse and Jockey Pub in the Danat Al Ain Resorts. Although the Horse and Jockey Pub has no competitor in market but still that does not bring about any effect on the performance of this great place. The pub is perfectly managed and provides a great place [...]

The Wok

The Wok is the restaurant that is much loved by the people in Abu Dhabi and especially in Al Ain. This restaurant the Wok is situated in the Danat Al Ain resorts and remains one of the most favorite places; for all staying in these resorts to have their dinners at. At the Wok they [...]

Tea Lounge

Tea Lounge is the perfect spot to relax in the morning or with friends in the afternoon that you can find at the very famous Danat Al Ain Resorts in Al Ain Abu Dhabi. This café is situated on the Ta’laan Street, Al Nyadat East and so turns out to be a destination that could [...]

Hilton Abu Dhabi

The Hilton Hotel in Abu Dhabi is situated on a private beach in Abu Dhabi and features panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf. It is a great opportunity for all coming to visit Abu Dhabi to relax on the 380m private beach at the Hilton International Abu Dhabi hotel as you gaze out over the [...]

Fitness Counts

Fitness counts a lot as in this time when every other person is failing to combat the diseases like diabetes, hyper tension, heart problems and many such other that have become a very regular routine of our daily lives. Original Fitness Company is the one that is offering sessions of exercises and work out at [...]

A Great Beauty Salon

Finally the people living in Abu Dhabi have got one really great salon for getting their hairs done. Sister’s beauty lounge is offering the services of really a foreign hair stylist who will work best with your hairs. This is the Australian hair dresser Sandi who will do anything for your hairs that you’ll ask [...]

How to Get Rid Of Pimples in UAE

UAE basically is a country all regions of which face a very high temperature round the year and worst hot summers that greatly damage the skin of people. Many youngster and teenagers think that by the time they’ll be 18 they will get rid of these pimples problem but actually this doesn’t happen because whatever [...]