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Discovering Fes (Fez) the Former Moroccan Capital!!!

Fes is Morocco’s most historically striking majestic city. In fact, it is the only old city in the world with a living medieval heritage. History and culture served in a traditional recipe are galore. From old medina, museums, monuments, palaces, souks to riads, hammams and Moroccan cuisine all are at its excellence in Fes. It is the spiritual [...]

Boracay Beaches

So are you up to enjoy this summer all dipping yourself in cool and cleanest water of world’s beaches? Then you must plan to fly towards Philippines as the Boracay Beaches in Philippines will turn out to be the ultimate destination for you for sure. If you are a sun worshipper, then you will surely [...]

Exploring the Beautiful Southwestern Chinese Province of Yunnan

Yunnan Province is a largely mountainous province bordering on Burma, Laos, and Vietnam. It is home to the richest variety of ethnic groups in China. Yunnan is rich in flora and fauna, and is home to half of all of China’s plant and animal species. The capital city of Yunnan is Kunming. This province is [...]


Summers have started and vacations are just right here and every other family living in Abu Dhabi is now planning to take off to different destinations to make it a really wonderful time. Today we advise you here to plan a visit to Sri Lanka to their coastal city Hikkaduwa. Traditionally associated with the cultivation [...]

All the Way from Abu Dhabi to Discovering Kerala

Kerala is the state in South India which is very famous for its all green landscape. People love to come to this place as it is all covered with the palm trees even the roads in the city appear to be like making all their way right through the jungle ending up on a beautiful [...]

Get Along to South African Safari This Vacation

If you want to experience something too rich, colors, smell and too many things to discover than that place can be none other than South Africa. Living within UAE allows you to reach for South Africa very easily as there are several flights available regularly that would make you land into this full of excitement [...]