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Boutique 1

Boutique 1 is the UAE’s fashion destination that was previously known as Dubai’s Villa Moda. Boutique 1 houses the world’s most coveted and pioneering designers from all around the world. Boutique 1 is known and famous for providing personalized service, exclusivity & luxury, as well as for its pioneering spirit.  Each of the boutiques in [...]


Boucheron is basically a jewelry house and is a French family dynasty which was established by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. In 1893 he opened up the jewelry house in Place Vendome and the idea behind was that as this was the sunniest corner so the diamonds are going to shine a lot. Several of UK’s [...]

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a fashion luxury house that is famous for it’s out class quality leather goods. Bottega Veneta is the brand that was established in 1966 by the two persons named Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro and lately in 2001 it was took over by the Gucci Group, while now it is part of [...]


Bossini is one of the most established brands in the Asia Pacific region offering casual wear apparels. The brand was established in 1987 and have it’s headquarter in Hong Kong is definitely the most known and recognized brand of the region that has now come to the Middle East and opened the outlet in the [...]


Bose is the ultimate solution for all your problems related to audio and visual. Bose can set up the best audio and visual system in your house in most unique way that will suit your requirements and your house. Get the best audio and visual system for your house without any doubt and full reliability [...]


“Borders” is the brand committed to build a connection between books and the readers. They are passionate about the importance of literacy and awareness to their traditions; devoted to the amazing influence of books for those who write them, read them, collect them, look after them and actually treasure them.  Dubai’s Mall of Emirates is [...]


A signature of refinement, Tanagra brings the spirit of luxury to modern day life, creating a lifestyle dream of elegance and Joie de Vivre.  With its unique concept of two universes, “Chez Soi” and “Pour Soi”, Tanagra houses a spectacular collection of brands with all the essentials and luxuries required to give the most beautiful [...]

B & B Italia

One of the world’s leading contemporary design brands since 1966, B&B Italia is quick to anticipate trends, address changes in taste and shifting patterns of life. By collaborating with celebrated designers and architects including Antonio Citterio, Mario Bellini, Uwe Fischer, Gaetano Pesce and rising star, Patricia Urquiola, B&B Italia creates quality pieces of timeless design [...]


The world that mothers enjoy the most is Mothercare outlet anywhere in the world. Mothercare is a worldwide known brand for products for children from clothes to all utility products required for children from new born to children up to 8 years old. Mothercare is currently operating and have its outlets in around 40 countries [...]


Again in Marina Mall Dubai find another world famous retailer outlet “Zara”. Zara is a Spanish Clothing and accessories retailers that started their work long back in 1975. Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies. It belongs to Inditex, one of the world’s largest distribution groups. It is claimed that Zara needs just two [...]