Aqua Radiance the Treatment by Kaya Skin Clinic

“Aqua Radiance” – a unique skin maintenance solution designed to give customers healthy and radiant skin during the hot summer months is the latest launch by Kaya Skin Clinic, the largest international skincare clinic chain in the Middle East offering a range of world-class skin services. Aqua Radiance offers an innovative technique to eradicate dryness during the simmering summer months in the region. Aqua Radiance set to aggressively build on the success of Kaya’s renowned skin care services, offers uniquely customized skin maintenance solutions which are scientifically proven to remove impurities and offer optimum benefits to the skin. Aqua Radiance solutions will completely rejuvenate the skin during the summer and get you glowing during the Holy Month of Ramadan. The service uses tailored skin maintenance and nourishment, depending on the skin needs of the clients offering a truly different and refreshing experience. The treatment seamlessly blends the ‘look good factor with the feel good factor’ in line with Kaya’s philosophy to place its customer first, and its emphasis on highly customized and personalized services in state-of-the-art clinics.

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