The Wok

The Wok is the restaurant that is much loved by the people in Abu Dhabi and especially in Al Ain. This restaurant the Wok is situated in the Danat Al Ain resorts and remains one of the most favorite places; for all staying in these resorts to have their dinners at. At the Wok they are offering sensational Far Eastern dishes in sophisticated surroundings. The Wok showcases authentic Oriental dishes and lavish seafood buffets which becomes a great opportunity for all the far eastern cuisine lovers and sea food lovers to enjoy the authentic food. Asian and sea food both are available in best done manner and that is why the food at The Wok is loved a lot by the people. Many foreigners also prefer this restaurant as alcohol is also served in this restaurant and so it doubles the joy for them. The restaurant remains open from Sunday till Friday from 6pm till 11pm. Credit cards are also accepted at the restaurant to mark another star into the facilities provided to their customers.


Location: Danat Al Ain Resort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Tel: 03 704 6000

Travel: Ta’laan Street, Al Nyadat East

Cuisine: Asian, Seafood

Experiences: Alcohol available

Times: Open Sun-Fri 6pm-11pm

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes

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