Request to RTA from Dubai Metro Commuters

The early morning users of the Dubai Metro services have requested the RTA to start the service earlier than 6 a.m. and for increasing the frequency for the first hour of the day.

Several travelers have also been seen wishing that there were more regular feeder trips along the Metro stations on Shaikh Zayed Road, particularly near Al Quoz, at least during morning peak hours. Many people do accept that Dubai Metro services has really made it easy and fast to travel across the city but they wish if the service starts earlier than its current time and that too with more frequent trips in early morning hours because particularly the first trip is always excessively packed. The same they desire for the feeder buses.

The people travelling through the first trip face too many problems as they even find it hard to breath properly an all full in sweat when they get off to their destinations just because of being too many people using the services that early and the time difference between the first and the second trip. The problem can be solved easily if the metro service is started half hour before the current time and comes as frequent as it comes after 7 a.m.

This earlier and more frequent trip will divide the people into separate trips instead of all those who have to reach offices at 7 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. trying to get the same trip. Many people do complain about the shortage of feeder buses too as sometimes the one standing over the metro stops gets out of service and there is no other bus to replace it.

Metro is growing in popularity as the most favored means of transport in the city but it seems to be causing problems for its regular users too and they feel the only way to solve these problems is by advancing the timings as well as improving the frequency of both the trains and the feeder buses.

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