Bursa: The Great Turkish City

Bursa is the Turkish city that is situated right opposite to Istanbul across Marmara Sea and this was actually Sultan Osman’s original capital since 1326. Those who want to see the real Turkey they should actually visit the city of Bursa. Elegant early Ottoman mosques, spectacular hammams, a sprawling covered bazaar and a little street full of meyhaneler (tavernsey.) and this is the true Turkey out there in Bursa. You will get to watch some really sightseeing spots in this city. There is a lot to experience like beautiful mosques, museums, markets, nice food places and the tome of Osman.

The first land mark that you must be visiting is the great Ulu Camaii mosque in north of Ataturk Caddesi which have 20 domes and this is something that you would definitely not wantg to miss at all. It was built way back in 1396; it was built for Sultan Beyazıt Yıldırım. Next you may also fall in love with the other mosque like most of the other people which is il Camaii (Green Mosque) in the Emirsultan suburb on the eastern side of town, which comes paired with the Yes¸il Türbe (Green Tomb) housing the remains of the mosque’s founder, Sultan Mehmed I.

Well there is much more to enjoy in Bursa than just the mosque. You will find the state-of-the-art history museum with lots of bells and whistles with some recreation of old shops and that is Bursa city Museum which is in town center and the center of the town is marked by a statue of Ataturk known has Heykel universally. A great one for the kids is the Tofas¸ Museum of Anatolian Carriages housed inside an old silk factory which is a short walk away.

Well if you are a shopaholic than Bursa is the place for you because you can shop till you drop here at this place this is a market in round and around the Ulu Camii. Along with the twisty bazaar streets is one area called Kapalı Çars¸ı (Covered Market), just like its better-known counterpart in Istanbul. You can come here to buy the stocks of bath towels for which this city is actually famous.

Your visit to the city will remain incomplete till the time you visit the hammams as Busra have the perfect full of mineral springs. You may find these in the suburb of Çekirge (Grasshopper) to relish in the Eski Kaplıca (Old Spa) beside the Kervansaray Hotel, or in the Yeni Kaplıca (New Spa, which, in this case, means it dates back to 1522) beside the Kültür Parkı.

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