Fitness Counts

Fitness counts a lot as in this time when every other person is failing to combat the diseases like diabetes, hyper tension, heart problems and many such other that have become a very regular routine of our daily lives. Original Fitness Company is the one that is offering sessions of exercises and work out at several places within Abu Dhabi. They offer different fitness programs for mixed genders and ladies only too so you have the ease of choosing the fitness programs that is more comfortable for you. Many times we plan to start working out on our own like going for walk regularly or exercise being at home but that actually fails to remain regular because there is no hard compulsion but taking a fitness program at Original Fitness Company means that they’ll assure your regular visits so to make it efficient and effective. They offer 12 sessions in 4 weeks and that program starts at 990 Dhs while if you want to take up casual session for Dhs 95 just.


Location: Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

Tel: 02 406 9404

Travel: Bainunah Street

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