The Arabesque is the hub to Arabic cuisine in the very famous InterContinental Al Ain resorts in Abu Dhabi. Credit cards are accepted and while seeking the arrival of several foreigners Alcohol is also available to the customers. The hotel itself is located perfectly n the beach hence providing people coming over beach to enjoy the local food at a place of high standard. There is great variety available in all you can eat breakfast buffet and lunch and dinner buffets too. The prices are very moderate and attractive to make people staying in the resort or coming to beach do try out once having the meal at this restaurant. Dhs 50 are charged for the all you can eat buffet breakfast while Dhs 85 is the cost for having buffet in lunch or dinner. Start your meal with the salads made of fresh vegetables and than enjoy the long list of meals from all the Arabian countries. All dishes from whole of the Middle East made of fish, rice, meat and vegetables focusing mainly on grilled variety are available at this Arabesque restaurant in Al Ain.


Location: InterContinental Al Ain Resort, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Tel: 03 768 6686

Travel: Ta’laan Street, Al Nyadat East

Cuisine: Arabic

Experiences: Alcohol available

Times: Open daily 6.30am-11am, 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7.30pm-11pm

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes


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