The Flaming Revolution

The Flaming Revolution is the restaurant located in Out Source Zone in Academic City and caters to a huge number of office crowds at lunch time yet it is not known by many people. Well this is a great place to have your food at especially if you get stuck in traffic in between the route 66 and Al-Ain Highway. The Flaming Revolution Restaurant in Dubai draws so much of the office crowd in lunch hours that if you reach to them for dinner or in evening sadly you’ll fail to get all those great food mentioned on their menu. You have range of desserts and food in main course like grilled steaks, Chicken burgers, pies and salads. The credit cards are accepted at the restaurant so you are always ready to have food at the Flaming Revolution even if you do not have the cash. Outdoor seating with smoking permission is also available which definitely helps in drawing a much larger crowd. If you want to experience the best food of Flaming Revolution Restaurant, than reach there after noon in lunch hours.


Location: Academic City, Dubai

Tel: 04 439 3745

Travel: Dubai Outsource Zone, Manama Street

Cuisine: International

Experiences: Outdoor seating, Smoking permitted

Times: Open Sun-Thu 11am-3pm, 7pm-midnight

Price: Dhs50-200

Credit Cards Accepted: Yes


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